Watermelon weight loss method-up to 7 kg weight loss in 5 days. Testimonials

Like the chocolate diet and the apple diet, the watermelon diet is a single food diet.Girl eating watermelon-This shows that there is a compulsive tendency to this product in the diet, and your body does not react negatively to watermelon. Just like the lemon honey diet and the cabbage diet, the watermelon diet is a very strict diet-this explains the short duration in its pure form.

It should be noted that even if you are happy to eat watermelon with other foods, you may experience painful feelings on the second day of the watermelon diet-and then immediately stop this diet-watermelon has a strong diuretic effect, you should considerBy this point-the first day-two major weight loss will occur due to the loss of excess water and salt deposits.

Watermelon diet menu

The main requirement of the menu is to limit the amount of watermelon you eat per day: 1 kg of watermelon per 10 kg of body weight (if your weight is 80 kg, then you can eat 8 kg of watermelon per day). The use of all other products is prohibited. There is no limit to the time to eat-you can eat watermelon at any time. Drinking a watermelon diet for 5 days allows you to drink only plain water (non-carbonated water is best-it does not increase hunger) or green tea without any restrictions. As with the Japanese diet, any type of alcohol should be excluded.

The second option of the watermelon diet menu

By adding up to two slices of rye bread to each meal, this menu is less demanding. In this case, the duration of the watermelon diet can be increased to 8-10 days. As in the first case, the remaining products are prohibited (only watermelon and rye bread are allowed).

You should not follow the watermelon diet for more than 10 days, even in the second edition of the menu-but at the end of it, in order to consolidate weight loss, low-fat protein-carbohydrate nutrition is recommended: vegetables and fruits in any form, all types of grains, Grains, fish, chicken, cheese, cheese, eggs, etc. Breakfast and lunch. Dinner no later than 4 hours before going to bed (usually at 18 o'clock), eat only watermelon (the maximum amount is determined by the ratio: 30 kg weighs no more than 1 kg of watermelon) or watermelon and rye bread, such as the lightweight version of the watermelon diet menu. We follow this watermelon nutritional support diet for 10 days-weight will continue to drop, but at a slower rate-to normalize metabolism by removing salt deposits, toxins and toxins from the body.

Benefits of watermelon diet

The main advantage of the watermelon diet is that it is easily tolerated without the hunger that is inherent in many restrictive diets (cucumber diet), provided that you like watermelon and your body has no painful reactions. The second advantage of the watermelon diet is its high efficiency in a relatively short period of time (partly due to the loss of excess water). The third benefit of the watermelon diet is the normalization of metabolism and the removal of toxins, toxins and sediments from the entire diet.

Disadvantages of watermelon diet

The main disadvantage of the watermelon diet is that it cannot be used for kidney and genitourinary system diseases-kidney stones, pyelonephritis, diabetic diseases, etc. -During dieting, the entire burden of removing toxins from the body falls on the kidneys (you must consult a doctor). The second disadvantage of the watermelon diet is due to its rigidity-even in lighter menus. In addition, the shortcomings of the watermelon diet should be due to the removal of excess fluid from the body at the beginning of weight loss, not due to the reduction of excess fat in the body (this shortcoming is also typical for many people) other effective weight loss diets-an example mightIt is the longest German diet of all diets)-This is reflected in the watermelon diet supported by the 10-day diet.