Dukane's diet, detailed instructions and food for each stage

The Ducan Diet, developed by the famous French nutritionist Pierre Ducan in 1975, has reached perfection in the 30-year history of continuous development.

differs from most analogues in that weight loss has nothing to do with body failure and limits the amount of food you consume, but it is more related to a reliable combination of results. Not surprisingly, this successful method has become very popular.

Pierre Ducan's diet

Dr. Dukan is one of the largest and most influential nutritionists in the world. His anti-obesity recipes have sold millions of copies. Pierre Dukan continued to perfect his powerful weapon against waist fat, and then created an express version of his "slimming ladder" diet.

The essence of the Dukane diet

The protein diet according to this method includes 4 stages of differentiation:

  1. The short-term protein attack completely eliminates all foods with high protein content. At this time, the excess weight will be lost irregularly.
  2. "Cruise" ("alternative") makes the theme softer: alternate days of full protein with days of mixed protein-vegetables, and the weight reaches the target.
  3. A "consolidation" ("consolidation") phase is required to restore normal eating. Fruits, breads, cheeses, starchy foods can be introduced smoothly.
  4. The "stable" phase is different from the usual diet only in that, as in the "attack", once a day, once a week, it is pure protein.

Foods rich in protein (eggs, lean meat, seafood, dairy products with a maximum fat content of 1%) can be consumed indefinitely.Starting from following the methodology, the result is obvious. The kilos melt before our eyes. The weight of adipose tissue is reduced and muscle is preserved. Therefore, the muscle tension that forms the smooth elastic thread remains. Clearly and smoothly dividing the phase lines can not only reduce weight, but also successfully reduce weight. Skin, hair, nails are improved. Health and emotional state top the list.

Author Pierre Dukan insists that "Protein Day" (every Thursday) must be maintained until the end of life. This one day of fasting will allow you to correct the weight gained during the remaining week.


The duration of the Dukane diet is unstable. The duration of each phase of the Dukane diet depends on the number of kilograms they intend to lose. Everyone has their own, most suitable for other parameters, weight, which is worth the effort. Publish an online ideal weight calculator on the website, you can find your ideal weight faster and easier, and calculate the number of days to eat on this basis.

Product list

List of foods on the Dukane diet

Losing weight does not limit the amount of food available. In addition, at each stage, the range of consumer products will expand.

A list of recommended protein foods. The whole technology is based on them:

  • Lean meat (lean ham, veal, white chicken, turkey, rabbit);
  • Internal organs (tongue, kidney, liver);
  • Fish and seafood (mussels, shrimp, squid meat, crayfish, caviar);
  • Fat-free dairy products (milk, kefir, cheese, yogurt-up to 1%);
  • Tofu tofu.

Dukan diet non-protein food:

  • tea (black, green, herbal);
  • Coffee (brewed, instant, but not three in one);
  • You can consume 1 teaspoon of cocoa per day, the fat content is as high as 14%;
  • Up to 3 tablespoons of cornstarch or skim milk per day;
  • Wheat bran-1 tablespoon per day;
  • Spices (salt, dill, cumin, peel, mustard);
  • Flavoring agents such as flavors, gelatin, food flavoring agents, dough leavening agents, etc.

Don’t forget that spices can irritate the mucous membranes of the mouth and stomach and increase hunger. It is not recommended to eat with pepper, chili powder, curry and similar spicy condiments. Onions-one piece per day is enough.

will definitely break the pattern at all stages:

  • drinking;
  • Sugar and sorbitol, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, etc. ;
  • Fruits such as bananas, grapes, cherries and cherries;
  • potatoes;
  • Butter, fat, mayonnaise, fatty seasoning;
  • White bread.

If you want something very sweet, you can use synthetic non-carbohydrate sweeteners.

Introduction to diet

The most time-consuming phase begins, according to the allowed list, only food. Next, add low-calorie vegetables, and third, when fixed, some pasta or hard cheese is already allowed. In addition, to avoid mental stress and possible breakdowns, you can arrange a gathering once a week.

Even banned alcohol or chocolate desserts will drive you crazy and become usable every time you go to the store.

The fourth stage-the most common food for six days a week is also replaced by some kind of holiday, but it is already a fast day-only eat protein foods allowed in the list. The time spent in each segment will be calculated by a special calculator from the required weight.

Duquesne Diet Menu

Always cook without grease.Teflon coated pans are suitable for deep-frying food; you can cook fat-free recipes in a microwave, oven, grill or steam.

The secret of success-oat bran. If you take in the least calories every day, you can feel full and eliminate toxins and toxins from the body. It is also a good product for preparing porridge, homemade bread and delicious diet desserts.

Drinking 1. 5 to 2 liters of non-carbonated or lightly carbonated water a day can provide normal physical exercise effects even without diet. Drinking a cup before meals and a cup after meals will help digest food thoroughly.

Every day walking not only requires walking back to the store, 20 minutes of time and simple exercise, relaxing fitness or body bending can help you feel good and shape a charming figure. Pierre Dukan shared another secret to losing weight fast-giving up the elevator altogether.

Phase 1: Attack

It is difficult to overcome wrong habits. In addition, the body may have a painful response to each process of toxin cleaning. The attack phase is an arduous process, under no circumstances can it exceed 10 days. If you feel mild discomfort, fast heartbeat, drowsiness, this is normal.

But, on the other hand, this is the most impressive period. In max mode, this stage will take at least 60% of the time immediately. After the first unpleasant impression, the body is optimized, new resources are opened, and the state will be improved. By completing the attack phase, you will inevitably lose weight immediately.

A protein diet (only on the recommended products on the approved list) will produce results: remove excess water from the tissue, and the skin will lose its looseness and become more elastic and elastic.

The daily menu of the Attack phase is universal. You can exchange and combine dishes as needed. Pre-planned daily meals and recipes will make every day enjoyable and colorful. Healthy food is not synonymous with tasteless.

Protein breakdown products lacking fluids can disrupt kidney function and cause severe poisoning. The results can be terrible.It is important to drink more than two liters of water a day and eat bran to remove residues in the digestive tract.

Phase 2: Parade (alternative)

At the end of the weight loss phase, the weight will reach the expected level. Today's days are divided into two categories: protein, with protein and vegetables scattered in between. The protein days are similar to the challenge period, there is no difference. It's just a product of the past. In the already mixed protein-vegetable days, in addition to those days that have been allowed, new dietary ingredients using dishes have also appeared:

  • Vegetables (cucumber, tomato, eggplant, zucchini, spinach, cabbage, common vegetables and cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus, radish, pumpkin), lettuce, bean pods;
  • Mushroom;
  • Soybean;
  • Low-fat seasoning sauce.

In order to use Dukan's weight loss method reasonably, it is worth considering a rotation plan in advance. The author himself recommends protein once a day and then mixed for one day. But you can choose other methods to change the mode, for example, three after three, the main condition is that the total duration is the same.

The second stage of the diet

In order to fully digest the increased amount of food, now eat bran every two tablespoons and still drink at least 2 liters of water. The habit of walking for half an hour in fresh air will eventually consolidate the results.

At first glance, the weight loss rate will drop after a few days of mixing. In fact, everything is in order: a protein diet, vegetables and bran consolidate the result of excess water leaving the tissues. Gradually normalize your metabolism, water will be partially returned, but weight loss will continue.

The expansion of the range of available products will allow you to diversify your recipes and make it easier to cook instead of simply cooking.The following is an example: the daily quantification in the Cruise (Alternation) phase, respectively for protein and mixed day plans.

The third stage: Merging (merging)

The hard days are over. It can still build on what has been achieved. The time required depends on the mode initially selected. Based on the average loss of 1 kg per 10 kg, the calculator can calculate an accurate figure. Protein Day has been closely recorded in the calendar.

The allowed product categories are increased. There is already something going to the store:

  • Daily fruits or berries, such as apples, melon slices, oranges. Excluding high carbohydrates (cherries, grapes, bananas);
  • 100 grams of grain bread;
  • 40 grams of hard cheese, the fat content is as high as 40%. It is recommended to avoid blue cheese, goat cheese and processed cheese.

Once a week, you can choose a side dish with starch: up to 220 grams of whole rice, jacket potatoes (boiled only), lentils, pasta or up to 200 grams of soybeans, chickpeas, peas, wheat, steamedCouscous, polenta. Allow 2 cups of dry wine and a few tablespoons of honey. Once a week, the meat ration will increase by 150 grams of pork (even fried).

Protein Thursday: Starting from the fixed phase, once a week (the author recommends every Thursday) eat only the attack phase diet.

According to Ducan's method, regular protein unloading every week can help you eliminate the grams gained in the remaining days and maintain consistent results throughout your life. It is important to follow the rules of drinking water, bran and half-hour walking.

Fourth stage: Stabilization

This section can hardly be called a complete stage. There are no dietary restrictions, you can eat whatever you want, even desserts. The target weight has been reached and fixed. Difference from this period:

  • Every week-"Protein Thursday" (or another day);
  • Cut 3 tablespoons in the morning. You don’t have to stuff yourself with raw food, you can bake bread, cute desserts: biscuits or biscuits;
  • Water and walking. However, this should have become a habit.
  • Try not to overload sugar, flour and potatoes. The higher the protein content in the food and vegetables on the menu, the healthier the food will become;
  • Please remember that a person who lives proactively will not get better in principle.

Weight Loss Ladder Express

The author of the Dukan Diet clearly understands that not everyone can fully follow the long-term instructions. Due to medical reasons, many people who want to lose weight will not be able to use the recommended methods to lose weight. Dukan's 7-day protein diet can reduce inconvenience and reduce extra weight.

Constantly modernizing healthy weight loss methods, he published the book "Weight Loss Ladder" in 2007, which immediately became a global bestseller. In it, Pierre Dukan provides a shortened and less cumbersome recipe.

Divide the day into seven routine steps each week. Starting from Monday, one food is added to the menu every day.Dukan’s Express Diet gradually expanded like a staircase until it opened on Sunday, until the entire grocery store was allowed.The basic process of the menu-the protein phase that is already familiar in the attack. Auxiliary elements are also present-there is bran (2 tablespoons), walk for 30 minutes a day, and drink at least 2 liters of water.

After obtaining the results, a similar form of merge starting from the full version-merge. For every kilogram lost, the "weight loss ladder" stipulates that it only goes to the store for 10 consecutive days when rationed on Saturday.

Dukan’s daily weight loss ladder express diet:

  • Monday: Protein meal day, same as the full version;
  • Tuesday: Mixed protein-vegetable menu in the cruise phase (alternative). You can eat starch-free vegetables (cucumber, cabbage, lettuce, zucchini, onion, tomato);
  • Wednesday: Protein and vegetables can eat up to 150 grams of fruit, with the exception of sugary fruits (bananas, cherries, figs-all according to the list).
  • Thursday: top + whole wheat bread (two slices);
  • Friday: Add a piece of cheese with a maximum fat content of 40%. This menu now corresponds to the docking phase of the full version.
  • Saturday: Yesterday’s ration plus 200 grams of cereals, pasta, boiled potatoes;
  • Sunday: The food will be crowned with two glasses of wine and dessert. Bran every morning.

This simple and healthy diet is no problem and can produce 750-1000 grams of results per week. Through slow weight loss, the protein ladder can rebuild the metabolism smoothly, without exerting psychological pressure, and most importantly, the skin will not sag, and there is no obvious weight loss characteristics.