Instructions for use Dietonus

Indications for using Dietonus

Instructions for use of Dietonus capsules

Dietonus capsules are suitable for people in France who have difficulty losing weight due to various reasons:

  • There is no time to exercise.
  • Eating only causes depression and collapse.
  • The scum of the body cannot achieve long-term sustainable weight loss.
  • Your results do not match the effort spent.
  • Loss of appetite, it is difficult to control hunger.
  • The extra leaves leave, but not from the problem area.
  • The body is under stress due to the destruction of natural biological rhythms.

Dietonus helps to reduce weight without stress, fatigue, physical exercise and dietary restrictions. The guaranteed result you will get every week is a reduction of at least 2-3 kg. You can see the results in a few days!

How to use Dietonus capsules

Dietonus provides complex three-phase therapy according to your daily biological rhythm. Therefore, the capsules have different colors. Three cups the day before meals, with a cup of liquid.

  • Morning (white capsule)
    In the morning, it is necessary to wake up the body quickly, give vitality, speed up the metabolism, and provide the necessary tone.
  • Tian (red capsule)
    During the day, we need energy to concentrate on work and show maximum physical and mental activity. Burn fat at high altitude.
  • At night (blue capsule)
    Now you need to transfer to the remaining stages. The nervous system calms down and appetite is suppressed, but the process of burning fat continues during sleep. At the same time, the human body is actively getting rid of toxins, toxins and excessive moisture.

Day after day, repeat the process of taking capsules of different colors. When appropriate, you will send a signal to the body in the form of the natural chemical formula in the Dietonus capsule to make it understand.

The recommended application is 30 days.

Be careful

Dietonus, a professional weight loss product, has completely natural ingredients, so there are no contraindications. However, it is worth remembering that every living thing is an individual. If you feel unwell after taking the capsules, you should consult a nutritionist.

If you have already experienced the negative effects of components during the preparation work, please be careful. Allergic reactions are possible.

If you lose more than 5 kg of weight per week while taking the capsules, you should stop taking the medicine and take a break.

Although there are almost no contraindications, please follow the instructions for use in any case.